Warmest Greeting from " The Sunrise Of Java " Discover the sweetest heartfelt smiles you could ever imagine. Only in Banyuwangi you will be welcomed by the most beautiful Gandrung dance.


Plengkung Beach, this beautiful beach is known as a paradise for surfers. The popular name G-Land itself is said to be given by surfers, where G is said to refer to 3 different meanings. The first is for "Great" as an outstanding wave illustration. The second one is for "Green" because the land is located near the tropical forest of Alas Purwoyang is green and lush. Third, G can also refer to "Grajagan", the nearby beach which is also the starting point to reach Plengkung by boat. There are also others who point out that the name G-Land is given because Plengkung Beach is curved to resemble the letter "G".


Kawah Ijen is the only crater in Indonesia which has a natural phenomenon " Blue Fire ". In the world, there are only two places that have the Blue Fire. In addition to Indonesia, there is also a blue fire in Iceland.


Traditional house tribe osing there are several kinds, each type of house certainly contains the meaning of social status for the tribe osing population. One of them is "Tikel Balung" which means that it has been established in marriage. This traditional house can still be found in the village of